FH Restaurantguide Hong Kong

Published: Tuesday, 26 April 2011 Written by Walter 'WASABI' Marthaler

Wednesday, 20.4.2011 (with Coen / Patrick / Roli)


FOOD (DINNER) (A repeat from last year - but it is a great restaurant)

Hunan Garden

Cuisine:  Hunan

Location:  Times Square (13th Floor), Causeway Bay,  1 Matheson St.

Website:  www.acqua.com.hk


DRINKS after dinner at Wan Chai Rooftop Bar

Location:  Rooftop The Hennessy

Website:  www.wooloo-mooloo.com



Thursday, 21.4.2011 

LUNCH: Dim Sum Lunch (with Coen / Patrick / Roli / Sacha)

Golden Palace Seaview Banquet Hall

Cuisine: Cantonese

Location:  26th Floor, iSQUARE, 63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Website:   www.goldenpalace.com.hk



(with Annika & Toni, Katherine & Jeroen, Coen / Keith / Patrick / Roli, Jennifer & myself

American Restaurant

Cuisine: Pekingese

Location:  20 Lockhart Road, Wanchai

Website:  None

Comment: Despite its name, the American Restaurant has served hearty Pekingese food since it opened right after World War II. Little changed over the decades and it is often filled with noisy, celebratory patrons.


AFTER DINNER DRINKS (same participants)

Mes Amis (Wine Bar & Grill)

Location:  83 Lockhart Road, Wanchai

Website:  www.mesamis.com.hk



Friday, 22.4.2011  (1st Tournament Day)

LUNCH: In the Sportsman's Bar (HKFC)

DINNER: At the 'Cowboys & Indians' Party (HKFC)



Saturday, 23.4.2011  (2nd Tournament Day)

LUNCH: In the Sportsman's Bar (HKFC)

DINNER: At the 'BBQ Party' (HKFC)



Sunday, 24.4.2011

FRESH SEAFOOD LUNCH (with Coen / Keith / Patrick / Roli / Sacha)

Lung Tang Restaurant

Location:  1-2 Hoi Pong Road Central, Lei Yue Mung

Website:  None


FAREWELL DRINKS (with Coen / Keith / Patrick / Roli / Sacha / Toni)

OZONE Rooftop Bar

Location:  The Ritz-Carlton, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon

Website:  To get a visual impression of this amazing hotel, perhaps best to go to 'You Tube' and search under 'Welthoechstes Hotel in Hong Kong eroeffnet'!

Comment: The highest bar in the world, OZONE opened on March 29th, 2011 with the grand opening of Hong Kong's newest, and highest, luxury hotel, the Ritz-Carlton. Located on the top floor of hte International Commerce Centre, OZONE is a luxury lounge on the 118th floor sweeping views of Victoria Harbour and all of Hong Kong.